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“Educating the Creative Mind” Conference, March 4-6, 2010, at Kean University, NJ, USA, featuring Professor Howard Gardner as the keynote speaker.

www.kean.edu/~creative Call for proposals 090616 Word-Dokument

ISME 2010 in Beijing


Dear Music Colleague

You are invited..... to the ISME 2010 World Conference:- as a performing group, presenter, delegate, or accompanying person. Exhibitors welcome too!

Why attend an ISME Conference? Find out why at this link: http://www.isme.org/2010/why.html

1. CALL for PERFORMING GROUPS: We INVITE YOU to send a Performing Group to the ISME World Conference 1-6 August 2010.

LAST DATE for Performing Group applications is: 31 AUGUST 2009

Applicants will be notified if they have been successful no later than 15 October 2009.

PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: http://www.isme.org/2010/calls_groups.html

Three STEPS TO APPLY: 1. Read the information on the website. 2. Print out the application (submission) form and complete it in hard copy 3. Send the recording together with: application (submission) form Curriculum vitae of the Group List of pieces on the recording list of pieces to perform to be performed at the Conference

2. CALL for PRESENTERS: We invite you to participate at the ISME World Conference 1-6 August 2010 by submitting a proposal to present - papers, workshops, demonstrations, round tables, symposia and posters are welcome.

LAST DATE for proposals to present is: 1 OCTOBER 2009

PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: http://www.isme.org/2010/calls_presenters.html

3. DELEGATES: We invite you to attend the ISME World Conference 20-25 July 2008. ISME Conferences offer professional development, world perspectives on music issues, performing groups from all over the world and the opportunity to discover the musics of other cultures, to meet colleagues and make friends from nearly 70 countries.

PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: http://www.isme.org/2010/index.html

-- MarkusCslovjecsek - 17 Jun 2009
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